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The Power of a Graceful Leader paperback

The Power of a Graceful Leader

Do you have a division between who you are as a business leader and who you are as a spouse, friend, sister, brother, mother, or father? The awareness of the division that exists within you and the roles you play creates space for your inner voice. This inner voice is seeking your attention and hinting there is a better, easier way of leading and being.

In The Power of a Graceful Leader, Alexsys Thompson shares how to begin integrating who you are and how you lead. Through her experience with this disconnect in her own leadership and having coached hundreds of leaders in their integration journey, Alexsys offers tools, tenets, and some relatable stories to support you in your journey toward becoming an integrated and graceful leader. You will find yourself making better decisions, building healthier relationships, and experiencing joy, love, and compassion as you transcend into the leader you were born to be.

Gratitude 540: A Collection of Short Stories

Expressing Gratitude for Those That Make Us Who We Are

The power of our stories combined with our gratitude is a powerful force. I have dreamt about pulling together a collection of gratitude stories for over a decade and am now moving this dream into reality. I am excited about you joining our journey. These books will be collections of short stories about how someone or an experience imprinted your life in a positive way that you would like to share. By expressing gratitude out loud, we move the energy into our collective consciousness.

The first book focuses on the people that have impacted your life so far. You will enjoy a story of the positive impact that one human has had on another. The stories as in the authors voice as they share their heart and gratitude with us all. You will laugh, cry and relate all the way through the collection.

Enjoy a story a day for 30 days, the pages fall open to any story fro some inspiration, cuddle up with a cup of tea and enjoy all the warm fuzzies.

Gratitude 540 paperback
Gratitude 540 Journal Series

Gratitude 540 Journal Collection

Dr. David R. Hawkins created a consciousness scale that gives us a starting place to explore consciousness. He discovered that most of humanity is operating at a consciousness level of about 250, which correlates with Neutrality. As we deepen our gratitude practice, we move up the vibrational scale to between 500 (Love) and 540 (Joy/Gratitude). As each of us raises our own vibration, we raise the vibration of the human collective. So, it is actually true that in doing our own work to live in alignment through gratitude, we assist our greater human family.

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