Work With Alexsys

Lexy was objective in seeking feedback from various individuals and incorporated said feedback into my development plan. The feedback she provided was professional and direct and came with examples on how to improve. Lexy also displayed compassion in helping me deal with personnel issues, recognizing the downstream impact on myself and other leaders. I further appreciated the maturity and experience she brought as Lexy was incredibly thorough in making sure that all of the bases were covered and that we understood which issues real or perceived were a priority to address. Lexy was tireless in her commitment and guidance for me and in the future, if we should need consulting / coaching, I know exactly who we
want it to be.

Michael Garcia, Senior VP, Houston Methodist Hospital

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Lexy has proven to be strong business partners in my efforts to create and build a world class team. From basic large group team building activities to small group focused work on developing a performance team, Lexy and Trybal have always worked to achieve a measurable and valued outcome that can be measured. In my case I am certain that the payback on the money I spent was 3:1.

Jim McCarley EVP, RTI International