Learn Your Soul Languages

If you’re wondering, “Who am I?” & “What am I here for?”

I’m Alexsys & I’m here to help you connect to your essence.

You’re here because you want to know yourself deeply. Because you want clarity and true understanding of your purpose.

By connecting with your soul in a language you both speak, you can change the way you approach life. Instead of second-guessing every decision or wondering if you’re on the right path, you’ll be able to check-in directly with your soul!

Through understanding your Soul Languages, you’ll gain the ability to tap into your inner wisdom and begin aligning your actions to your deepest intentions.

This powerful tool will help you:

  • Learn your mission in life

  • Discover how you utilize your natural talents & abilities, both when they’re sophisticated and unsophisticated

  • Silence your inner critics

  • Enhance your intuition

  • Become a more graceful leader

  • Experience deeper love for yourself and others around you

Soul Language is a tool you can work with every day, for the rest of your life!

step one

Choose the type of session you’d like to book by clicking “Book My Session” below. This will take you to my calendar where you will schedule a time to connect with me.

step two

Make sure you’re in a quiet, comfortable place for your session. We’ll both need to be centered and focused. During our time together, I will identify and discuss your 3 Soul Languages.

step three

I will send you the written definitions of your Soul Languages, as well as anything else we discussed on our call. If you booked the two-hour session, we will schedule our follow-up call.

In just 45 minutes, you’ll be given one of the most valuable tools possible: direct and wholehearted access to your soul!


Choose the Soul Language session that best suits your needs.

Identification Only

45 Minutes


45-minute Zoom video and/or audio-only call

Identify your 3 Soul Languages

Follow-up email with Soul Language Definitions

Identification + Follow-Up

Two 45-Minute Sessions


45-minute Zoom video and/or audio-only call

Identify your 3 Soul Languages

Follow-up email with Soul Language Definitions

45-minute follow-up call

*I am a trained and certified Soul Language practitioner through Jennifer Urezzio, creator and Founder of Soul Language.

Frequently Asked


Soul Language is a unique practice — here are some answers to questions you may have.


It’s a session where your three Soul Languages are identified via muscle testing or kinesiology — a tool that allows us to quickly and accurately tap into the body’s innate knowledge.


No! I will ask your permission before the session begins and will use my body to connect with your Soul to receive messages via a body yes/no response.

How was soul language created?

Legend has it the information for the tool was received via divine guidance. Several years ago, creator Jennifer Urezzio was at a conference, looking around at the other attendees and wondering, Why can I connect instantly with some but don’t feel compelled to speak to others? To answer this intriguing question, Jennifer asked the Universe, “How can I attract more people like these?”

“You speak the same language,” the Universe responded.

That answer led to the paradigm of Soul Language. Some of the early work on Soul Language was done in conjunction with Tonya Joy, and Jennifer continued developing the Soul Language paradigm into what it is today. She is still actively developing and refining the practice.

Do my Soul Languages ever change?

Nope. They’re like the fingerprints of your Soul.

Who uses Soul Languages?

Soul Language attracts people who want to know their purpose and who are done playing small and ready to live their life’s mission fully. I work with many individuals in transition, as well as leaders. Many practitioners also work with coaches with private clients, teach group classes, and work with metaphysical coaches and transformational leaders. Ultimately, this is for you if you’re ready and open to it!

What do I need to do to prepare for a session with Alexsys?

Please be in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Because I can only identify your languages with your permission, I also suggest you take some time before the session to get into a peaceful and open frame of mind. You are more than welcome to ask questions about the practice itself and about a particular aspect of your life.

What should I expect from a session?

During a session, you can expect insight and guidance about issues and the tools and resources to help create a shift. This will help you connect deeply to yourself and your purpose so you can begin aligning your external world to your internal world.

How can Soul Language help me in my relationships and family life?

Relationships fail (whether it is romantic or a partnership) because we conduct most of the relationship with that other person in our heads; we don’t ask for want we want, and we spend half the time not being ourselves. Knowing your Soul’s Languages provides the answers to obtaining your best possible relationship and family situation.

By learning about your Soul Languages and others’ Soul Languages, you can understand each other better and know what you can count on each other for. You won’t ask yourself “Why does he or she keep acting that way?” and you’ll be able to better communicate honestly and openly to build the relationship and family life that you really want.


Not sure if Soul Language is right for you? Send me a note, and I’ll get back to you soon.

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