Elena Huff, Manager PMO BHP

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” - Michelangelo With Lexy’s direct guidance and relentlessness, one can be assured that the bar will never be set not high enough. In fact, Lexy will elevate her expectations of your capabilities to the realm you didn't think is attainable. Then, she will coach you there... and beyond. Do you want specific results and outcomes after just a couple of months? Lexy is the one for you!"

- Elena Huff, Manager PMO BHP

Katie Flynn, Event Specialist IFMA

"Lexy recently spoke as one of our keynotes at a conference I managed for International Facility Management Association (IFMA) on Strengths and Leadership. Her presentation style is thought provoking and engaging. The audience loved her and had so many questions afterwards. Additionally there were many people lined up to meet her and discuss her presentation with her afterwards. She does an excellent job of making people feel like she is talking directly to them even in a large audience of 1000 people! Our attendees loved Lexy and told us so in many survey responses. I would definitely hire her again!"

- Katie Flynn, Event Specialist IFMA

Roberta Schwartz EVP, Houston Methodist Hospital

"Lexy worked with our hospital in her “strengths” work and then coached the executive team and myself during our journey. She has been a great advisor—thoughtful and understanding. She also was never afraid to point out those things that you might want to avoid facing and help you with tips and tricks to deal with those issues. That is what makes you successful. I do appreciate Lexy very much."

- Roberta Schwartz EVP, Houston Methodist Hospital

Lisa Doyle  VP Client Solutions/ Global Client Lead, Manpower Group

"We contracted Lexy to conduct a group session (75 attendees) for our Annual Marketing Team Meeting. Her passion for Strengths was apparent from the initial conversation through post-session follow up. The session was fun, energetic, educational and engaging. She made it look effortless how she was able to focus on us as individuals, as a team, as a company and how we tie it all together. The feedback from our attendees rated Lexy and the Strengths session as the #1 thing they liked about the 3 day meeting. She has proven to be a true partner."

- Lisa Doyle  VP Client Solutions/ Global Client Lead, Manpower Group

Steve Bledsoe Subsea Field Development at Aker Solutions

"Lexy is the consummate professional. She is very adept at training leadership and team building. Lexy has the unique ability to assess and then "reach" her students in the most effective manner, individually or within large or small groups.  She is equally effective with all levels of a workforce (including executives) and manages to obtain audience participation from the beginning of her training sessions. She facilitates an environment where people learn from each other while they are learning from Lexy."

- Steve Bledsoe Subsea Field Development at Aker Solutions

Brittany Perkins COO Trinity Charter Schools

"Our school district had the pleasure of working with Lexy and Trybal Performance for over a year. The Strength Finder training was a game changer for our organization. Her ability to help us communicate with each other, as well as external stakeholders, has created a culture of “innovative communication”. Her insight helped us through several tough audits with grace. Money well spent!" 

- Brittany Perkins COO Trinity Charter Schools

Wilhelmina Picard, Education Administrator

"Lexy is a very skilled presenter and coach. As a presenter, she is clear, articulate and relates to her audience in an effective manner. As a coach, she is masterful at listening, dissecting information, honing in on a focus item, and suggesting strategies. With Lexy's coaching, I have been able to move my staff forward efficiently and effectively on many projects."

- Wilhelmina Picard, Education Administrator

John Perry,  COO IFMA

"Lexy walks her talk and as a result provides a strong partnership to our executive team. Her ability to help create safety so we can take on some tough issues has been a game changer for me as a leader and for our team as a whole. Whether she is facilitating a room of a 100 or our executive team she will take on the tough stuff. Her presence is felt and her ability to hold the space that enables you to walk into what feels like an overwhelming topic/situation makes all the difference. Her demonstration of this has enabled me to find my style in doing the same thing. I have opened up as a leader and am experiencing new outcomes as a result. Lexy believes and lives her passion around being a leader that brings the best out of anyone you lead, in so doing your team will be able to realize results you didn’t think were possible. She has become a valued trusted advisor and guide for myself and our leadership team."

- John Perry,  COO IFMA

Andrew Culwell, Senior Project Director, SubSea 7

"Our goal was to develop 2 teams from different companies to work together and achieve the greatest possible success. Lexy was instrumental in facilitating a workshop, starting with preparatory interviews with each team member, then 1.5 days together off-site. She was able to navigate the combined team through a review of struggles and strengths, and using the impressive Gallup StrengthsFinder tool, guide and challenge the group to overcome hurdles using the individual and group strengths. Lexy is always in control of the experience, adding energy at every turn, and always observing the subtle individual signs in order to interject direction and open questions. Feedback from the team has been extremely positive and we look forward to the dividends that this workshop will surely bring thanks to her talents, professionalism, and expertise."

- Andrew Culwell, Senior Project Director, SubSea 7

Amy Moyer, VP Action for Healthy Kids

"As a senior leader for a national non-profit, I had the opportunity to work with Lexy in 2017 to grow my leadership skills. She helped me step up my game and in just a few short months! She taught me a few simple techniques that improved my communications and leadership style with peers, direct reports, and my boss, and thus, create even more organizational impact. She has a real passion for helping individuals understand their strengths and owning them. I highly recommend her as a coach! Thank you, Lexy!"

- Amy Moyer, VP Action for Healthy Kids

Gina Murphy, Director Girl Scouts of America

"Lexy lives her passion for developing leaders, including those in nonprofit roles. She delivered an engaging and motivating keynote speech regarding gratitude to a 100+ room of Girl Scout staff and volunteers. She offered a truly outstanding opportunity to help our Council develop our volunteers and staff. Her keynote was the starting point for an ongoing conversation with our volunteers and staff around gratitude, grace, and partnerships."

- Gina Murphy, Director Girl Scouts of America

Brian Demay, DVP of Global Systems, Coach Inc

"I met Lexy at CCL in May and for the first few days, I did not know that she was going to be my coach and that she was observing me. She has been great. She specializes in non-verbal communications which is one of my biggest "opportunities". She has been very helpful in guiding me on how to solicit and analyze feedback from my work colleagues. She has gone the extra mile and spoken with my boss for direct feedback that she can use to help me improve. Although we are in different time zones, she is very flexible with her time, to accommodate my hectic schedule. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the new year."

- Brian Demay, DVP of Global Systems, Coach Inc