Integration Coaching


Let’s define a leader in this context: a leader is you. The simple fact that you have a life to lead means you are a leader. While the intention for your Integration Coaching will differ based on whether you’re leading yourself, a small group of people, or thousands of people, it all starts with you

Integration Coaching is the process of using various (conventional or not) data points of self and learning where they intersect, diverge, and support each other. This understanding will reveal new paths to bridge the gaps that will come into view. The data we will use will be tailored to what it is you are looking to transform in your life and leader within. We will use a unique set of tools to create a common language and access to the deeper questions of who you want to be and how you will get from where you are today to that future state you desire. 

This path will assist you in becoming fully present to your purpose, your strengths, and the choices you have in front of you to step into the leader you dream of being. As you open new ways of seeing and interfacing with the world around you, new possibilities will become available to you.

The journey inward is a brave one; it will require you to test your belief systems, adjust where appropriate, and hold the line. As you create alignment between the who you are and the leader you are becoming, you will experience a flow and new sense of confidence as you lead. On the other side of this journey, you will experience a new level of commitment to yourself and those you are leading. Many of your old patterns will dissolve as a new alignment and confidence emerge in their place. 

Your new confidence will serve you and those you are leading to a higher level of accountability (even if you are leading only yourself). As you and your team/community learn a new way of being together, your joy in the work will increase, and your performance will follow. When tough times need to be handled, you and your team will have the skills and confidence to pivot as needed.

The Tools

Strengths Finder

As a leader, when you access and develop yours and your people’s strengths, you multiply and elevate everyone’s performance by aligning people’s Strengths (who they are) behind the team and your organization. That’s better for the team and the business.

Leadership Circle

As an Executive Integration Coach, I leverage a variety of tools that will help us work together to move your leadership needle. Two of these tools are the Leadership 360 and The Culture Survey. We may use one or both; each engagement is built to fit your unique needs.


The gift of diving into your SQ (Social Intelligence) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is a new way of seeing and interacting with the world around you.

Soul Language

By connecting with your soul in a language you both speak, you can change the way you approach life. Instead of second-guessing every decision or wondering if you’re on the right path, you’ll be able to check-in directly with your soul!

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