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Gallup’s Called to Coach

Called to Coach is a resource for those who want to help others discover and use their strengths. Watch the Interview

ET’s Happy Holiday Gift Guide

ET is celebrating the holidays by giving away a holiday-themed gift pack! Featuring the Trybal Gratitude™ Journal. Read More

Inspired Leadership Podcast

This podcast celebrates real-life examples of inspired leadership to create more of it in our workplaces. Listen Now

How to Dredge Up Some Gratitude After Life Slams You

These 6 tips can help you feel better when the last thing you are is grateful. Read More

Gratitude is the Most Powerful Way to Live Your Best Life

Alexsys shares her personal gratitude journey and how the journal was born. Read More

Writing a Journal: An Interview with Lexy Thompson

Alexsys Thompson talks about why she wrote a gratitude journal and the benefits. Read More

Transforming Your Life Using The Trybal Gratitude™ Journal

With the Trybal Gratitude™ Journal, you have everything you need to manifest what makes your life wonderful. Listen Now

The Power of Curiosity: Q&A with Alexsys Thompson

Coach and author Alexsys Thompson talk about the benefits of curiosity and how to cultivate it every day. Read More

Trybal Gratitude Journal – Alexsys Thompson

In this episode, we’ll be featuring a tool to help you start 2018 off right! It’s called the Trybal Gratitude™ Journal. Listen Now

Trybal Gratitude Journal - An Adult Bookwrap

What if building a gratitude practice was all you needed to unlock your best self? Your best life? Read More

Own Your Own Tale with Alexsys Thompson

A weekly column that features writers from all genres so their audience to get to know them and their works. Read More

Workplace Communication with Alexsys Thompson

We speak with Alexsys Thompson about different communication models and the Trybal Gratitude™ Journal. Listen Now

Episode 36 with author Alexsys Thompson

Alexsys answers questions about why gratitude and how it will benefit your life in every way. Listen Now

Joy Ruffen Interview With Alexsys Thompson

Alexsys discusses the power of a graceful leader and using gratitude as a foundation for Leadership. Watch the Interview

Build a Gratitude Practice with Alexsys Thompson

Alexsys Thompson shares how building a gratitude practice can empower you to live the life you want. Listen Now

Episode 62 with author Alexsys Thompson

Alexsys discusses journal 2: how it’s different from journal 1, the new features, and why you want it. Listen Now

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